Thursday , December 13th 2018
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Gemstone: 4 tips to find the perfect one!

I just love gemstones! It took me a while to figure out how to select the perfect gemstone for the right purpose. But it is possible. I am sharing now with you what I have learned over the years.

How do you find the perfect gemstone? When you consider buying colored gemstones, you find yourself immersed so much variety: so many colors; all kinds of hue, every shade of a large spectrum of possibilities. There has never been a more exciting time to search for a colored gem because there have never been so many alternatives. Whatever color you prefer, and whatever your budget, there is a sparkling natural gem awaiting your discovery.

When it comes to gemstones, how do you find the perfect one for you?

Start with picking a desired color for your gemstone

For one given color, you can find many different types of gemstones. Decide what color you want in a gemstone and then make a list of the gemstones available in that color.

If you want an emerald green gemstone, for instance, and you cannot afford emerald itself, you could look for other similarly colored emerald green gems available, like for instance: tsavorite garnet, chrome tourmaline, green tourmaline, or green sapphire.

Compare the prices of different gemstones with the same color

Credit: AGL

Compare their prices to get a sense of the relative cost of each. To come back to my previous example, in comparing prices for these green gems, you would immediately see that tsavorite garnet is the most expensive (but still much more affordable than emerald), chrome tourmaline is next in cost, then green tourmaline, and finally, the most affordable, green sapphire.

Select your gemstone type and look at price differences

Note the range in price for the gemstones that interest you. The range in price for any colored gemstone is directly related to quality differences; and it can be enormous. The larger the price range in a given gemstone, the more critical any differences in quality becomes. A wide price variance would indicate that you must be especially careful to spend time comparing and learning about the stone, developing an eye to spot subtle quality differences.

The cut of the gemstone greatly influences the price of the gemstone. For instance, cabochon cut gemstones often cost less than faceted gemstones. Similarly, gems used in mass-produced jewelry sold in many jewelry stores (including online stores) are often of “commercial” quality and may cost significantly less. Rare gems in exceptionally fine quality and rare gemstones of unusual size can sell for much more.

Higher quality means higher price, so be sure to get a quality report when buying an expensive gemstone

If the price of a gem you are considering buying is very high, it is strongly recommended to take extra steps to confirm its exceptional quality prior to purchase; including obtaining for instance, a quality grading report from the American Gemological Laboratory.

Now, you are ready to embark on a sparkling search. But always remember: being genuine does not mean a stone is “gem” or that it is “valuable.” A gem must be beautiful and rare, attributes that are related to quality. The quality of an individual stone is what determines whether or not it is a “gem,” and it is the quality that determines its value. The range in price for any colored gemstone is directly related to quality differences; and it can be enormous. Be sure you you understand the factor that determines quality before making any decision of buying a gemstone.

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