Thursday , December 13th 2018
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Pearl jewelry buying tips

Pearl jewelry is always a classy and traditional wardrobe accessory that will never disappoint you. The pearl has always been a somewhat prime and appropriate fashion article: timeless in tradition and forever glamorous!

Yes, even the timeless classics can become the new trend!  I have seen some change daring looks with pearls these past months. Extra long spans, tasseled multicolored strands, pearls using semi precious stone accents, pearls on silver or gold chains. From classic, the pearl is becoming a fun and stylish accessory.

If you are going to buy pearl jewelry online, here are buying tips for you!

Freshwater pearls are more affordable than “real pearls”

Freshwater pearls are getting more and more reasonably priced. Not all people can afford the price tag of  “real pearls” and we are blessed: there are loads of other choices available on the market. Some jewelry brands create crystal pearls that’s of the best quality and very difficult to differentiate from a “real pearl”, even when the price is a tiny portion of the value of a real one.

Beware of the following facts when choosing a pearl jewelry:

The quality comes from the glow or the radiance of the pearl. Avoid pearls which are chalky or dull as they’ll be weak and might crack or peal.

The top layer of the pearl should not have any blemish free, any cracks or lumps. Baroque pearls are the exception to the rule – their allure is in their own irregularities.

The bigger the pearl the greater the price. For instance, a 6 millimeter pearl will be much less priced compared to a 12 millimeter pearl

The cheapest pearls are the freshwater pearls which mostly come from China. Typical size is about 7 millimeters.

My favorite trends for pearl jewelry

I would like to share with you my favorite trends when it comes to pearl jewelry:

The pearl ring: an absolute must! From mini size settings to monster big solitaire pearls, they’re all the rave. A pearl ring may go from intimate and easy to sleek and stunning.

A multi-strand pearl necklace: for the ones who want to make a big statement! An extensive necklace which tapers towards the rear just like a baby’s bib… which each pearl maintaining excellent positioning. Very versatile and stylish.

The opera length necklace is a classic that never fades out of style. They measure 36″ or more and they may be worn as a very long single lean line, awakened, tied into a knot, whatever fits your mood! These strands are excellent for dressing up a pair of jeans or casual look. Today tassels are usually varying in length from 16″ into navel span at 36″.

Mixing pearls with colored gems like amethyst or topaz. They compliment each other so well!!! The pearls with their delicate and vibrant colors combined with semi precious stones using their vivid and bold color. Picture it — exactly what a style statement! It’s all about colors…

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My last thoughts about pearl jewelry…

In the event that you already have a gorgeous traditional pearl necklace its quite simple to change it into something from that year. Consider including a set of bracelets or charms, fastening a classic brooch or clip[ on earring in the base. How about blending your actual pearls together with your imitation pearls? The choices are as endless as the creativity.

The very best way to take care of your pearls is just to use them. The organic skin oils keep them sterile. Don’t set them on till you’re finished with your makeup. Including facial hair, and cologne. The residue from these goods will mess up your pearls. Don’t wear your pearls from the water chlorinated and salt water may harm them. Polish with a soft cloth and not use jewelry cleaning products in your pearls

An you, what is going to be your fashion statement? Look at the deals I have selected for you and create your very own style…